How Much Do Sugar Gliders Cost in the UK? Your Complete Guide

Are you considering getting a sugar glider as a furry companion in the UK? It’s essential to understand the cost implications of bringing these adorable marsupials into your home. Sugar gliders can make delightful and interactive pets, but like any pet, they come with expenses. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the factors that influence the cost of sugar gliders in the UK, where you can find them, and the ongoing expenses to provide them with a happy and healthy life.

Factors That Affect Sugar Glider Costs

The cost of sugar gliders in the UK varies based on several factors, primarily the glider’s age, lineage, coloration, and breeder reputation. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Age of the Sugar Glider

Sugar glider prices often depend on the glider’s age. Infant sugar gliders (joeys) typically cost more than adults. Expect to pay between $200 to $500 for a baby sugar glider. Adults usually range from $100 to $200 in price.

2. Lineage and Coloration

Certain lineage traits or color variations, such as leucistic or mosaic sugar gliders, may come with higher price tags due to their unique appearance.

3. Breeder Reputation

Reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their sugar gliders may charge slightly higher prices. However, purchasing from a reputable breeder ensures you’re getting a healthy glider.

4. Local Demand and Availability

The availability of sugar gliders in your area can impact the cost. High demand regions may have slightly higher prices.

5. Accessories and Housing

Remember that the initial cost isn’t the only expense. You’ll need to invest in a suitable cage, food, toys, and other accessories to provide a proper environment for your sugar glider.

Where to Find Sugar Gliders in the UK

There are several sources where you can find sugar gliders for sale in the UK:

1. Reputable Breeders

Look for breeders with positive reviews and a focus on ethical breeding practices. is an example of a reputable breeder in the UK.

2. Pet Classifieds Websites

3. Specialty Pet Shops

Some pet shops may have sugar gliders available for sale. However, make sure the shop provides proper care for their gliders.

4. Rescue Organizations

Consider adopting a sugar glider from a rescue organization. This can be a rewarding way to provide a home for a glider in need.

Ongoing Expenses

Owning a sugar glider entails ongoing expenses to ensure their well-being:

1. Diet

Sugar gliders require a balanced diet that’s low in sugar. The SGS II diet is popular in the UK and produces good results.

2. Veterinary Care

Regular check-ups with an exotic pet veterinarian are crucial to ensure your sugar glider remains healthy.

3. Cage and Accessories

Invest in a spacious and stimulating cage with plenty of climbing opportunities and toys.

4. Bonding and Social Interaction

Sugar gliders are social animals and thrive on interaction. Spend time bonding with your gliders to keep them happy.

5. Enrichment and Entertainment

Provide enrichment activities to keep your sugar gliders mentally stimulated and prevent boredom.


While the initial cost of purchasing a sugar glider can vary, it’s important to remember that ongoing expenses are equally significant. By understanding the factors influencing the cost, where to find reputable sources, and the ongoing care requirements, you’ll be well-prepared to provide a loving and suitable home for your sugar gliders in the UK.

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